PavEco : flooring made with recycled plastic

The right solution for the realization of an alternative flooring. Result of the most advanced ecological research, PavEco is the self-locking floor in recycled plastic that combines the practicality and convenience of a modern, multi-purpose and ecological product. The dimensions, the low weight, the rapidity of installation and strength, make this flooring suitable for all types of use.

Strengths of PavEco:
It weighs less than half a self-locking concrete.
The particular joint makes it simple and fast.
It has a range and a longer duration than the
traditional floors.
COSTS AND LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT            make PavEco flooring extremely advantageous compared to traditional self-locking concrete.

Typological features of PavEco 

Raw Material: mixed granule of plastic derived from industrial processes.
Weight and sizes: kg 3,5 per each element (Kg 63/mq). Thickness mm 62. Perimeter mm 1200.
Form: three hexagons juxtaposed with or without inclined bevelling along the perimeter of the upper face.
Upper face: rusticated surface with 25 stamps of 30 mm diameter or smooth surface without drawings.
Lower face: recessed to facilitate adherence to the sand layer and cross stiffening ribs resolved with the same raw material.
Installation: to be carried out dry on pre-existing floors or on sand (5 + 6 cm thick), proceeding subsequently to laying to make a vibrato roll.
Color of production: the self-locking device is supplied exclusively in gray, but can be treated with special acrylic paints for plastic materials after installation.

Application examples

For resistance and ductility of use PavEco is ideal for indoor and outdoor industrial flooring, subject to the transit and stopping of heavy loads. For the characteristics of electrical and thermal insulation, impermeability and resistance to oils and acids, PavEco is successfully used as flooring for workshops. Because of its lightness and ease in cleaning and maintenance, with non-slip characteristics, it can be used for paving terraces and raised parking lots and is ideal for animal stables and walkways. Thanks to its shape and its ability to anchor itself to the ground, its use is particularly indicated in inclined surfaces (ramps). Its soft and elegant lines give PavEco such an appearance that it can also be used in prestigious buildings, ideal for forming avenues, parking spaces and parking areas both covered and uncovered.

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